“Are you willing to network and meet everybody?” – Mark Blair

Below is a lightly edited transcript of a recent podcast titled ‘Coast to Coast Real Estate’ by Ray Hendricks where He invited Mark Blair, the owner of ‘Own Real Estate’.


Ray: Welcome to Coast to Coast Real Estate. I’m your host, Ray Hendricks – and I also have here one of my favorite brokers, whom I met a couple of years ago, his name is Mark Blair, the owner of Own Real Estate in Maryland.

Mark: There are a lot of things that changed, but yes, I am glad that I was able to be here and catch up with you about the episode.

Ray: I remember when I first met you, you said that you wanted to get your broker’s license, start your real estate company, start recruiting your agents and I said that even though I wanted to do the same, I’d have to wait. You told me that I should start building my team, start what I needed to do –and here we are, both brokers.

Mark: Yes, what we don’t realize is that a lot of people get their real estate license for many different reasons. People should know what a license is and what it is not:

  1. A real estate license is intellectual property. A license can create a legacy and generational wealth for your family.
  2. Most agents take it as a hobby or ancillary income even though it’s really not designed for that.
  3. Your job as a broker is to educate your agents what a real estate license, and what real estate really is all about and how to leave a legacy for your family and not just to it as a side hustle.

Ray: Absolutely.  Now, what’s the biggest thing you’ve learned since taking your journey to get your broker’s license and actually opening up a real estate company?

Mark: My biggest takeaway that I have about opening on my own brokerage is that it takes courage. You need to have a lot of courage to go out there and perform for not just on a small scale but really finding a solution to people’s problems. But in order to do that, you need to have more consistency.

  • You need to be consistent about your approach every single day. If you take a day off, you’re going to reap that day off in the next 30, 60 and 90 days.
  • As an entrepreneur, if you are not consistent, it’s going to reflect in your pocket.

Consistency is really the biggest focus that you need to pay attention to and repeat every single day, which is difficult but you need a network and systems in place to help you do that.

Ray: Absolutely. I know that you’re an engineer and doing real estate part-time and still outperforming agents that are doing it full-time. Tell us something about how you work on having a full-time job and doing real estate as well?

Mark: When I graduated from college, I got with a company that was teaching me wealth creation and financial independence. As a result, I started questioning why I got a degree because there are people out there who are making money without a degree. This questioning leads me to begin by making a couple of smart investments.

Ray: Okay, and then what happened next?

Mark: As I moved forward when the market started to come back, I started to think about how I can make these things work, I needed to know how I will make this license work.

Around the same time, I met a mentor who taught me the psychology behind selling real estate. It changed my life forever. He taught me about secrets to selling successfully whether you’re dealing with a buyer or a seller.

I combined this knowledge with my wealth creation and financial independence strategy. Then I started the brokerage to be able to share my knowledge with others.

That’s the reason I chose the name of the brokerage because I wanted to teach my agents about creating a legacy, creating wealth and controlling it in your own way.

Ray: Yes, that’s really impressive. What is the biggest misconception that you’ve seen with agents getting into this business?

Mark: I have two things in mind;

  1. They don’t realize how hard this business is.
  2. They are doing it for the wrong reasons.

In my opinion, having a real estate license is different from being a real estate investor. Investors that just solely want to be investors get their real estate license thinking that their license will help them being an investor- it will not.

Ray: Right, absolutely not.

Mark: So that’s for the second misconception, they are thinking that the license is designed to help them become a better investor. No, being an investor requires you to go out there and make it happen.

If you don’t work for it, it’s not going to happen. I don’t care how much knowledge you have; I don’t care how much info you have; I don’t care how smart you are. It’s not who’s the smartest, it’s who’s well-known.

Ray: That is correct. Now, what will be the strategy or tip that you can give for somebody who wants to have a pipeline (strategy/framework) to make things work?

Mark: You have to do what you don’t want to do. If you’re not going do this, you’re not going to make any money. There’s no secret, you need a prospect.

Ray: Absolutely. So now, before we end this if you can give one piece of advice for somebody whose saying “Alright, I’m a real estate agent and I want to go to the next level of being a broker” what piece of advice you’d give them?

Mark: Even now, I am still trying to figure out my next level. You have so many levels to go but it seems like that this big elephant I am chewing on is taking me very long to eat it up. But if we look at people who helped us to be who we are today; they’ve been doing this stuff for 30 or 40 years. Let me give you five things to remember:

  1. We really need to have reason to inspire people. Motivation is short-lived and will fade when an outside noise comes in, but if you inspire somebody, it will touch their core, their life – and that’s why inspiration will take them to another level.
  2. Don’t find your purpose; you fulfil your purpose because your purpose is already given.
  3. Your job is to pour it out to others so that you can share what you have because the blessing is already within you.
  4. If doing something makes sense to you, go for it.
  5. Don’t let anybody discourage you, because, at the end of the day, your belief system can overpower external situations, and people will end up starting to follow you.

And lastly, ask this to yourself; Are you willing to network and meet everybody?

What I mean by that is you have to want to connect with people to change lives. And if you’re not willing to change people’s lives, my question for you would be “why do you want to be a broker?”, because a broker is a person who houses agents. You actually have a ministry that is working as a uniform. And if you are just using it in order to have a title, well, you’re spending money just to spend money.

If you want to change lives, go for it and become a broker.