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What Makes Us Different?

Graystone Investment Group is a specialist Real Estate business, with Headquarters based in Tampa, Florida. The Company provides a broad range of property services for both investors and traditional real estate clients, via specialist departments focusing on investment, traditional buy and sell services, finance and property management.

As investors, operators, and financiers in the SFR space, we have created a platform that addresses the inefficiencies in the current market, reduces the transaction costs, and brings transparency to the investment process. We offer unique solutions and take the guesswork out of investing in residential rental properties. Graystone works to maximize the value to investors by creating efficiencies in a historically inefficient and cumbersome process.
At Graystone, we are about transparency. We verify every property with our proprietary certification process. Unlike the traditional investment process, we provide essential property information an investor needs to evaluate before entering into a purchase contract.
Returns are earned from the rental cash flow on investment properties and any appreciation in the property value when it is sold. Should you decide not to self-manage the property, a Property Manager can be assigned to collect rents, pay expenses, and remit the net income to the investors.
We provide a valuation range representing the highest and lowest adjusted values for comparable properties selected by Graystone and analyzed by the HouseCanary model. Where the Comparable Value is not available for a property, we base the valuation range on a calculated weighted average of the valuation reports for the property with the width of the range being the combined precision of all valuation reports. The Property Value contains all valuation reports.

Many of Graystone’s properties are off market and not listed on the MLS, while others are listed for sale by Graystone agents and posted to the MLS.

Yes, investors can engage with either their agents or our local market experts. Agents may use our proprietary tools to collaborate with a buyer on selecting the right investment property or on building a diversified property portfolio.
Graystone engages experienced third-party inspection firms to complete comprehensive visual inspections of all properties as part of the certification process before they become available. The company or individual performing the inspection will inspect the condition of the property, the major components, and indicate items that need repair in a detailed property report. The report is available to the buyer in the Diligence Vault.
An appraisal is the process of developing an opinion of real estate value and is performed by a local appraiser. A Broker Price Opinion (“BPO”) is different from an appraisal in that the valuation analysis is performed by a local licensed real estate broker and takes into consideration the condition of the home as well as local market activity. BPOs are often used by investors and lenders to value investment properties.
At Graystone, we believe you should have choices. You can either choose to manage the property yourself or use Graystone Property Management. The experts on our property management team have years of experience managing properties and are experts in the field.
Yes. In fact, we offer a “discounted” brokerage fee when a former “VIP” client resells a property.
Absolutely! Graystone makes it easy, too! We can refer investors to several integrated lending partners offering diverse loan product options. You are also free to engage a lender of your choice; however, please note that there are no financing contingencies in the Purchase and Sale contracts.
Closing costs are paid as is customary in local markets and include Graystone negotiated discounts to lower transaction costs for both Buyers and Sellers. Closing costs often include transfer taxes, title search, title insurance fees, loan origination fees (when applicable). In addition, closing costs include recording fees, association fees, and document preparation/closing fees. We always provide a good faith estimate of closing costs for the buyer’s convenience with actual closing costs outlined in the closing statement. Please refer to a copy of the Purchase and Sale Agreement for specific details.
Graystone intends to facilitate closings within 14 days of a signed purchase and sale contract for a cash sale (30 days for a financed sale).
Expected returns are based on the current rent, purchase price, along with incorporating likely costs associated with operating a single-family rental. The likely costs are based on the input of industry experts and include vacancy, property taxes, property management, repair and maintenance, and other contributing factors. While these estimates provide a solid baseline, we encourage investors to use the financial calculator to test the sensitivity of their investment to these as well as other assumptions influencing the performance of their investment.
The purchase process is initiated by clicking the “Invest Now” ad on this page or by contacting a Graystone consultant for a phone consultation.

Self-directed IRA or Solo 401K plans that are linked to a bank account and give the owner checkbook control can be used to fund the purchase price of a property from Graystone. Plans which necessitate custodian approval require additional steps. We recommend that you begin the approval process early to minimize delays in closing.

Both U.S. and foreign investors can buy properties from Graystone.

Absolutely! You can invest through any vehicle which can hold title to real property. At closing, you will have the opportunity to indicate how you would like to hold the title.
You can accept a seller’s predetermined list price offer on all available properties. Some sellers also designate certain properties to accept offers from investors.
You will receive a monthly property report showing all expenses, rents collected, and other relevant information about each of your properties. Also, as part of being in the Graystone Community, you will receive periodic updates on your property value, local market conditions, as well as trends in market rents.
Both Gross Yield and Net Yield are metrics aimed at capturing the return on your investment. Gross Yield focuses on the total income generated and does not include expenses. It is calculated as a percentage based on the property’s total purchase price, divided by the annual rent income generated by the property. Net Yield accounts for expected operating costs. It is calculated by subtracting the estimated annual operating expenses and capital expenditures from total annual rent collected and then dividing by the total purchase price.
Appreciation is determined as an estimate based on property values and can be influenced by many factors, some specific to the local market and some the broader economy. Well-regarded forecasters in the housing markets produce the appreciation forecasts we provide. Despite the insight of these forecasters, we encourage investors to use the financial calculator to test the sensitivity of their investment to all assumptions.
Graystone is about transparency, and we present data from multiple sources to help you evaluate your investment alternatives. For market rents, we use figures from third-party data providers which estimate rents, as well as information from local property managers who know the local market. We feel it is essential to understand market rents as they can indicate compelling investment opportunities when the current rent is below market. Our calculator allows you to see how different rent assumptions could impact your returns.
The Property Manager is responsible for managing the repair and maintenance work that needs to be completed on any property. The Property Manager can withhold the cost of the repairs from the monthly rent, by applying the funds in the security deposit account (if applicable) or by invoicing the investor directly. The Property Management Agreement describes in detail the process of approving expenses.

What Our Members Say

Chinese Investor

“Graystone helped me to invest and manage everything that needs to be done. The results have been extraordinary.”

J.C.: French / Hong Kong

“They helped me find the properties that met my needs … Everything went great! … Their responsiveness is perfect!”

Dan: Canada

“I’ve got one property through them in the St. Petersburg area, and I’ve had nothing but an incredible experience.”

Kasey: USA

“It’s been absolutely fantastic! The team is great, they’re always in communication. It’s been seamless … we just appreciate Greystone…”

Mr. Brooks: Canada

“They’re very honest to deal with, quick to respond, probably getting around the 20% return on my dollar.”

Levi: Mexico

“In the first 5-7 days we got 2 form offers. We took one of them, and then we closed within 2 weeks. It was amazing.”

Raj Kumar: Indian

“The level of professionalism, the commitment to clients, and the effort at making sure that the client gets the best is something that we should applaud for.”

Chris Yu: New York

“Jorge and team are very knowledgeable… Since I was new at this, they really helped me a lot… I appreciate the fact that they have the whole team in place, from Realtors, to construction and rehab teams, to property management and lenders.”

Jose Rodriguez

“When they say, actually, “You invest, we do the rest,” they really mean it… They acted very quickly…  Since I liked how they work … I am working now with a third deal with them.”

Graystone is hands down the best real estate team I have had the pleasure of working with. They are vertically integrated from wholesaling properties & project management of rehab to property management and sales. From top to bottom they have been extremely responsive, honor their word, and work together to get things done.
Shane Clark
I got to know Jorge and his team by chance, and then decided to join the investment not long after. They are always there for you. They take care of your properties like their own and all you need to do is to invest. Trustworthy, professional, patient, and honest!
Tong Sun
I have been working with Greystone for about a year know and having completed multiple deals on a monthly basis i can tell you they are great to work with and always available to help. If your looking for wholesale properties they are the ones to go to, they help you every step of the way.
Giro Katsimbrakis
This group knowledge and professionalism is amazing. They know very well the market and with experience make sure your investments will give you the results you are looking.
Dalia Zurinaga
Rental4income has helped hundreds of investors buy, sell and rent many homes over the past few years. I have been lucky enough to see and experience this first hand. I highly recommend their services for any investor novice or expert, their connections are vast and will help you get the best deal!
Dario Jimenez
Here at Royalty Title, we have had the pleasure to handle several of Graystone Investments transactions. Their clients fully trust them to hold their hands as they walk them through the buying process.
Alexandra Martinez