Jorge Vazquez

Jorge Vazquez is the Chief Executive Officer for Graystone Investment Group with over 20 years of experience in real estate. Also, he is a licensed real estate broker and author. In 2018, his article on Section 8 Housing went viral and remains popular today.

As a distinguished member of the Forbes Business Council, Jorge has been featured in Forbes for his real estate, entrepreneurship, and business expertise.

Before real estate, Jorge was a licensed financial advisor and he started investing in real estate during that time. As clients began asking for help investing in real estate, Jorge soon made more money consulting in real estate than in stocks and bonds. Shortly after that, he started working in real estate full time. Jorge was one of the first five Tampa agents for Blackstone Invitation Homes in recent years. He was a premier Blackstone agent and one of only a few agents in the nation that worked directly with Blackstone.

During his early days of real estate investing, Jorge admits to making just about every mistake one can make. He now helps investors avoid making the same mistakes by learning from those mistakes.

Over his 20 years in real estate, Jorge has completed over 3,000 transactions, from corporate rentals Airbnb, wraparound mortgages, private notes, and more. In 2008, Jorge sold one hundred houses to just one client, while many real estate agents only sold two to five homes each year.

Jorge has been in the Tampa market for over 30 years and currently manages 65 real estate agents. When asked why he has stayed in Tampa, Jorge said, “Because it still works for me.” As a result of Jorge’s longevity in Tampa, Graystone has connections with quality roofers, plumbers, and electricians they’ve worked with for over a decade. One of the most significant issues in real estate investing is repairs, so Graystone owns a property management company.

For over a decade, Graystone has been a wholesaling company in Tampa and has syndicated various deals. 2021-2022 has been a record year for Graystone despite COVID-19. They have completed one hundred contracts for single-family homes, duplexes, four-plexes, and an apartment complex. Graystone is the only Tampa company that currently offers real estate investors an appraisal, a 3D virtual tour, a gallery of pictures, videos, and a quote, so a client is fully equipped with information before buying a property. 

Jorge’s vision for Graystone is to expand statewide and then nationwide, and become a household name. Upon asking what makes that vision distinct, he said, “it’s all about doing something meaningful, something impactful for society to create tons of jobs and help thousands of people live a better financial life and better retirement using real estate. It’s not about the money but the promise of being able to change as many lives as I can.”

Under Jorge’s leadership, Graystone Investment Group has become a global company with clients in China, Canada, South America, and Central America. What makes Graystone special is they know each client is unique. Clients are not a number, and they take their time to get to know each other. They want the best for every single investor. Jorge says, “Anyone that wants to get help, we’re going to help. To me, it’s about the will and the passion first.” 

And when asked about what is most gratifying, Jorge loves when a client tells him, “Jorge, I retired because of you” or, “I was able to put my kids through college because of you.”

To reach Jorge Vazquez, call (727) 201-4011 ext:1005 or email him at