Why Canadians Are Flocking to Buy Investment Properties in Tampa

Article by: Jorge Vazquez

The allure of palm trees, year-round sunshine, and a burgeoning real estate market has always drawn international attention to Florida. However, recently, there’s been a noticeable uptick in interest from a specific northern neighbor: Canada. Tampa, in particular, has seen a surge in Canadian investors eager to stake a claim in its promising real estate landscape. But what’s driving this trend?

1. Affordability Over Canadian Cities:

The housing market in major Canadian cities like Toronto and Vancouver has skyrocketed over the past decade. For many Canadians, even those with substantial incomes, the dream of owning property in these cities is becoming elusive. Michael Kernodle, Brokerage Manager of Graystone Investment Group, encapsulates this sentiment, noting that “even earning a quarter of a million a year seems insufficient for a mortgage in Canada.” In contrast, Tampa offers lucrative price points that are hard to resist.

2. Attractive Lending Solutions:

One of the primary roadblocks Canadian investors face is the restrictive lending environment in their homeland. Vanessa Martin, Director of LendingGIG LLC, a subsidiary of Graystone Investment Group, sheds light on this challenge: “The number one reason [for their interest in Tampa] is the cost and the limited lending options they face in Canada.” Jay Michalec, COO of Graystone, adds that programs like the DSCR loan in Tampa, which evaluates the income of the property over the debt ratio of the investor, are particularly enticing for foreign nationals.

3. Rental Opportunities:

With the shift in travel behaviors and a global push towards remote work, the rental market has evolved. Canadians are observing this trend and are especially keen on transitioning from short-term to long-term rentals. Tampa’s growing popularity among tourists and professionals offers a stable rental demand, ensuring a steady income stream for investors.

4. Collaborative Investment Environment:

It’s not just about the numbers; it’s also about the people. Jorge Vazquez, the CEO of Graystone Investment Group, emphasizes the importance of teamwork and collaboration in making investment opportunities seamless for foreign investors. “The ‘you invest, we do the rest’ mantra of Graystone resonates powerfully with our Canadian counterparts,” Vazquez states.

5. Expanding City with Untapped Potential:

Tampa is undergoing a transformation. Areas like Ybor, Pasco County, and the broader Tampa Bay region hold untapped potential for investors looking for the next big opportunity. With a growing population, infrastructural developments, and a thriving business ecosystem, Tampa promises substantial returns on investment.

In conclusion, while the sun-soaked beaches and balmy weather of Tampa are undeniable attractions, it’s the synergy of affordability, favorable lending environments, and a booming rental market that’s truly captivating the attention of Canadian investors. As they continue to explore and invest in this Floridian gem, one thing’s for certain: Tampa’s real estate future shines brighter than ever.