At Graystone Investment Group, our primary focus is on our investors. We help them buy and sell investment properties for flips, lease options, corporate rentals, in addition to buy and holds. There are several strategies for keeping your property rented all year, including using Section 8 properties for long-term rentals and also offering corporate rentals.

Corporate Rentals

Currently, many investors who own properties being rented out on Airbnb and VRBO are moving their property management to Graystone, to take advantage of using their properties as corporate rentals.

Corporate rentals are a solution to the problem these investors face because Florida put a 14-day hold on booking short-term rentals due to the Coronavirus.

There are several reasons corporate rentals are getting more bookings in the current environment.

  • With homeowner insurance claims, many families are displaced and need a short-term rental.
  • Traveling nurses and other professionals can use corporate rentals for housing when they need a place to stay.

Investors with traditional long-term tenants are also moving their properties to corporate rentals because of a generally higher return on investment.

  • Corporate rentals on average bring in three times the rent as traditional long-term rentals.
  • Corporate rentals experience less damage.
  • Corporate rentals have a lower vacancy rate because they can be rented for a minimum of 1 to 2 months or for years.

Section 8 Housing Rentals

Graystone Investment Group highly recommends taking advantage of Section 8 housing for investors with long-term tenants, which can result in keeping better-maintained properties while increasing occupancy rates.

Even when Section 8 tenants are out of work, they are still able to make their rent payment due to the government program. As a result, the investor does not lose rental income.

Graystone Investment Group is certified to handle Section 8. We make sure that your property is set up and run appropriately to qualify for Section 8.

Why Choose Graystone?

There are many property management options available to real estate investors, so why should you choose Graystone Investment Group?

A primary reason investors use Graystone is the owner-veil. If you do not currently use a property management team, you could be exposing yourself to personal risks. Should you have a problem with a tenant, or if a tenant has a problem with the property, the Graystone owner-veil helps protect you and your family’s assets.

In addition, at Graystone, we are adjusting to the new world we are living in now. With the coronavirus pandemic, we are taking extra precautions to protect our building cleaners and maintenance crews. They are wearing personal protective equipment and taking additional steps to make sure all surfaces are clean and disinfected from top to bottom.

For our corporate clients, Graystone is very proactive. We ensure that all our properties are well-maintained and clean. Graystone Investment Group manages your properties to maintain a steady income flow today and into the future.

We can help make the transition for your long-term tenants, Airbnb rentals, and VRBO rentals into corporate rentals. Let us show you how to move forward with your investments and how to capitalize on getting new properties, growing your income, and getting the highest ROI.

Learn More

If you would like to learn more about the exceptional opportunities for real estate investing, please contact us. We are happy to work with you on corporate rentals and Section 8 rentals.

Our team of licensed real estate agents and property management experts can assist you with every aspect of investing in corporate rentals, including providing turnkey solutions that produce passive income cash flow.

At Graystone Investment Group, you invest and we do the rest.