Understanding the Current Landscape of Tampa Properties Investing: Insights from Graystone's CEO

Article by: Jorge Vazquez

The real estate market is an ever-evolving entity, with fluctuations that can be influenced by numerous factors, from economic conditions to federal policies. Recent survey results from Graystone, coupled with insights from our CEO with two decades in the industry, shed light on the current sentiments of investors, especially in the realm of Tampa properties investing.

Survey Says…

We recently conducted a survey, reaching out to our extensive database of investors with a simple question: “When do you plan on buying your next investment property in Florida?” Out of 2,119 respondents:

  • 31.8% are aiming for a purchase by the end of 2023.
  • 32.7% have set their sights on 2024.
  • 33.7% are treading cautiously, awaiting shifts in market conditions.

These results paint a picture of a market in equilibrium, where investors are almost evenly split in their strategies, indicating neither a strong push towards buying nor a significant pull towards waiting.

Decoding the Numbers: A CEO’s Perspective

The survey results resonate with a broader understanding of the real estate economy. We’re witnessing a landscape that’s neither predominantly a seller’s nor a buyer’s market. Factors such as the sustained low unemployment rates and the reluctance among homeowners to sell, primarily because of their favorable sub-3% mortgage rates, have kept the property supply limited.

However, the buying side has its challenges. Aggressive federal rate hikes, a response to soaring inflation rates, have deterred potential buyers. The subsequent rise in insurance premiums doesn’t help, adding another layer of complexity for those considering Tampa properties investing.

Tampa Properties Investing: Looking Ahead

For Tampa properties investing, the horizon looks promising, but with a caveat. The market awaits a trigger, a change that can shift the balance. Our CEO believes that a trend of interest rates moving towards a maximum of 5% could be the catalyst that reinvigorates the market.


If you’re considering investing in Tampa properties, understanding the market’s pulse is crucial. Graystone, with its vast experience and deep market insights, stands ready to guide you in your investment journey. As the real estate market ebbs and flows, having a reliable partner with a finger on the pulse can make all the difference.