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Take a look at this beautiful 4 bedrooms 3.5 bath home with 3249 sqft of living space. This home has amazing curb appeal. As you walk on to the spacious front porch you can see yourself relaxing with friends and enjoying the quiet neighborhood. Lease to the own option available. Purchase Price $415,000; Minimum downpayment is $20,000; Monthly Rent: $3000, Length of lease option 2 years.

Rental Facts and Features

  • Address: 9274 Bella Vita Cir, Land O Lakes, FL 34637
  • Purchase Price: $415,000
  • Minimum Down Payment: $20,000
  • Monthly Rent: $3000
  • Type: Single Family


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It means you can rent the property while you build your credit in order to buy the property.

Rent to Own:

Purchase price: $415,000
Minimum Downpayment: $20,000
Rent per month: $3000
Period: 2 years

This means you need to make the down-payment of $20,000 out of the purchase price of $415,000. You can then move into the property and pay a rent of $3000 a month. Anytime within the next 2 years, you can purchase the property by paying the remaining $395,000. You can choose when the purchase happens. It could happen in the first month or the 23rd month. It’s up to you! It usually depends on how long it takes for you to build your credit and get a mortgage.

Private Financing: 

Down-payment: $83,000 
Interest: 8.9% interest only
Loan origination fee: 3 points
Balloon: 2 years

Cash Purchase:

If you want to purchase the property with cash or traditional financing right away, there will be a discount of of 20k from the purchase price. 

This would be great news for you! Regardless of how much the value of the property increases, your purchase price will remain the same 🙂

All the benefits of appreciation go to you. The projected increase in the value of your property is 7% over the next one year alone. This means you are building 7% equity even before you purchase the property.

You are not responsible for taxes and insurance payments while you are renting. The landlord is responsible for them. You only have to pay rent.

Once you purchase the property, you will be responsible for the taxes and insurance.

As the future owner of the property, you will be responsible for the upkeep of the property.

Any amount that you pay above $3000 a month will be credited towards reducing your purchase price.

The property has been rehabbed recently and needs no work. The property will pass inspection. 

No. You don’t have to pay any commissions at closing (which are normally thousands of dollars!). You just have to pay the costs towards the closing and the origination of your loan (if you choose to get one).

You will have to restart the process.

Almost everybody. But it’s an excellent fit for somebody who wants to buy a property today but is not able to get a loan. With this option, you can build equity in the property while you improve your credit. You can purchase the property anytime within the next 2 years as soon as you are able to get a loan.

  1. Appreciation is all yours – Regardless of the increase in the price of the property, your purchase price remains fixed. Any appreciation in the value of the property goes to you!
  2. Pride of Home-ownership – You experience the pride of home ownership from the first day even though you haven’t purchased the property.
  3. No tax or insurance payments until you buy – Until you make the purchase, you are not responsible for any taxes or insurance payments.

Retail Buyer / Private Financing – 2.5% of the purchase price
Rent to own – 25% of down-payment