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Ankush Shah - Director of Property ManagementAnkush Shah – Director of Property Management

Greetings from Graystone Property Management! Meet Ankush Shah, our esteemed Director of Property Management, who creates seamless and stress-free experiences for our valued landlords.

With over a decade of invaluable experience in operations management, Ankush Shah is a seasoned professional with a passion for efficiency and client satisfaction. As the Property Management department head, Ankush oversees a dynamic team of Maintenance Coordinators, Tenant Relations Liaison, and Field Inspectors, ensuring day-to-day operations run like a well-oiled machine.

Ankush brings a wealth of knowledge to the table, having collaborated with renowned brands to help them achieve both short-term and long-term operational excellence. His strategic approach to property management aims to alleviate landlords from tenant-related stress, providing top-notch service and efficiency. Ankush is dedicated to achieving the highest level of landlord satisfaction, enabling them to maximize positive cash flows on their investments.

Ankush Shah’s mission is clear – to make landlords stress-free by efficiently managing their properties at the lowest possible expense. His goal is to foster an environment where landlords can trust in our commitment to delivering unparalleled service, allowing them to reap the benefits of their investments with peace of mind.

When Ankush is not spearheading property management strategies, he indulges in his passion for travel and emceeing. This combination of professionalism and personal interests reflects Ankush’s well-rounded and dynamic approach to life.

Join us at Graystone Property Management, where Ankush Shah and his team are dedicated to turning property management challenges into success stories. Your investment deserves the best, and Ankush is here to make it happen.

Marylyn Patankar – Inspection CoordinatorMarylyn Patankar – Inspection Coordinator

Marylyn is a versatile expert carving a niche in property management within the real estate industry. As a recent entrant into real estate, Marylyn brings a fresh perspective and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Specializing in property management, Marylyn combines the power of effective marketing strategies with a hands-on approach to inspections, ensuring that each property under management reaches its full potential. With an eye for detail and a commitment to maintaining property standards, Marylyn ensures that landlords receive comprehensive insights, fostering trust and confidence throughout the property management journey. With a focus on delivering exceptional service, Marylyn is dedicated to maximizing property value, tenant satisfaction, and overall portfolio success.

Abhi Pandey – Maintenance Team LeaderAbhi Pandey – Maintenance Team Leader

Say hello to Abhi Pandey, the skilled and dedicated Team Lead of our Maintenance Department. With a passion for precision and a commitment to top-notch property care, Abhi leads our team in ensuring that our properties are maintained and elevated. Armed with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business administration, Abhi brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our property management endeavors. He blends technical prowess with a hands-on approach, ensuring our properties meet and exceed expectations. As our Maintenance Team Lead, Abhi is dedicated to creating a seamless and efficient living environment for our residents, backed by a solid educational foundation and years of professional experience.

Valentina Chavan - Tenant Relations Team LeaderValentina Chavan – Tenant Relations Team Leader

Meet Valentina Chavan, a dynamic professional with a background in engineering and a proven track record in Sales and Operations. In 2022, Valentina took on a pivotal role as a Dispositions Manager at Graystone Investment Group, showcasing her expertise in optimizing property transactions. Currently serving as a Leasing Agent at Graystone Property Management, Valentina leads a dedicated team of leasing agents. Her role involves close collaboration with landlords, ensuring they maximize returns on their investments and assisting individuals in finding their dream homes. Valentina’s commitment to excellence and ability to foster strong relationships make her an indispensable asset in the real estate industry.

Saloni Thakur – Maintenance CoordinatorSaloni Thakur – Maintenance Coordinator

Meet Saloni, our dedicated Maintenance Coordinator here at Graystone Property Management. With a knack for organization and a passion for efficient property management, Saloni is pivotal in ensuring our maintenance operations run smoothly. From coordinating repairs to optimizing schedules, Saloni is committed to maintaining the highest standards in property care. Saloni’s top priorities are your comfort and satisfaction as we work together to create a seamless living experience for our residents.

Mini Sharma - Maintenance CoordinatorMini Sharma – Maintenance Coordinator

Mini is your dedicated Maintenance Coordinator. Mini orchestrates maintenance schedules, collaborates with teams, and ensures seamless operations. Mini’s role encompasses maintaining top-notch properties, from vendor management to emergency response coordination. With a focus on communication, budgeting, and quality control, Mini ensures elevating your property’s standards and tenant satisfaction. Let’s keep things running smoothly together.

Mohammed Faraz – Tenant Relations LiaisonMohammed Faraz – Tenant Relations Liaison

Mohammed is working for Graystone Property Management Company as a Tenant Relations Liaison. With his expertise, he can ensure smooth communication and positive relationships between tenants, landlords, and the company. He addresses tenant concerns, coordinates with landlords, and provides exceptional customer service.

Mohammed’s dedication and professionalism make him an essential part of the team at Graystone Property Management Company.

Ayesha Khan – Tenant Relations LiaisonAyesha Khan – Tenant Relations Liaison

Meet Ayesha, the remarkable Tenant Relations Liaison at Graystone Property Management. With the honor of being the longest-serving virtual employee, Ayesha stands out for her unwavering dedication and exceptional expertise in managing tenant relationships. Her impact on the company is undeniable, as she consistently ensures seamless communication and fosters positive experiences for tenants and the organization.

Ayesha’s tenure is a testament to her commitment to excellence, and her contributions have undoubtedly played a pivotal role in the success of Graystone Property Management.

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What our clients tell about us!

Mohammed from Graystone property management is detail oriented person and on top of thing all the time Really appreciate his dedicated work for managing our properties in Wesley Chapel

Andrew Li, Graystone Property Management

Graystone Property Management is very prompt, professional and consistent. My experience has been ALL positive to date. You may want to consider using them for all of your leasing and buyers needs, THANK YOU GRAYSTONE 😊 🙏🏼 Erica Hinson current tenant!

Linda R, Graystone Property Management

7804 Niagara Dr Landlord Sunny would like to send greatest appreciation to Abhi and Valentina also Sarah. I feel that I am totally secure with Anhi and Valentina, Sarah’ s help with professional work flow team. Especially ABHI is the Best of the Best!!! Thank you!

Sunny Yo, Graystone Property Management

Graystone Property Management went above and beyond to get me a septic tank put in and new piping throughout my house. They found the right people needed for the job. The workers stayed until the job was done. And done right.

Christi Keeven, Graystone Property Management

The whole team has been extremely helpful and cooperative, including Abhi, Valentina, Sarah and of course Jay. They have my best interests in mind and have taken the hassle out of property ownership. Huge kudos!

Dr. Kenneth Hanson, Graystone Property Management

After my ac broke down, Ankush worked all day and late into the evening to get the issues resolved and get my ac replaced even though it was a weekend.

Amanda Hilson, Graystone Property Management

We were moving back to Tampa from Naples for my company. What we thought was to good to be true ended very well and highly successful. Mohammed, Jay and Jorge were very professional throughout the process.

John Begani, Graystone Property Management

I had a decent experience with Graystone. Mohammed was very responsive and quick to answer questions. Was able to get my dream place thanks to him.

Kaylin Carel, Graystone Property Management

Mohammed Faraz is a great Tenant Relations Liaison and always keeps the owners updated on traction and potential applications and advice for clients to move forward- thanks for your support and patience with your clients.

Michael Black, Graystone Property Management

Had to jump on here to say my experience with Graystone company was phenomenal. Jay specifically response time was the quickest in the business. Within 1 day of filling out the management agreement they were at the house taking pictures and marketing the home the very next day. EXTREMELY thorough…I would ask for Jay specifically because that’s who I am working with. They have a whole response team that takes care of everything. Do not take ANY first months rent and there is no termination fee if you choose to leave at any time (they are so confident in how great of a service they provide they don’t try to have any gimmicks to keep you tied with them) would recommend 1010

Hunter Zilbar, Graystone Property Management

Mohammed and Graystone has done a great job with the intake of my rental property. Mohammed is very responsive and professional.

ALEX SALAS, Graystone Property Management

“I was in “Awe!!” If you’re looking for a place to move in, then you should go with Gray stone Property Management!!”

Chaunta Mcgarrah, Graystone Property Management

I have had such a great experience working with Ayesha and Waz. The Graystone team is Awesome and connect with you, they never leave you hanging. They are always there no matter the day or time. I highly recommend them!! Thanks for everything you have you done for me. 

jamison cox, Graystone Property Management

Communication is on point placements are very well kept

GLOGLO3000, Graystone Property Management

I’m very happy to work with Graystone properties. Mohammed helped me a lot from starting to till ending. My property rent out with in a week. He did excellent job.

Srimanth Maddipatla, Graystone Property Management

I am very impressed with greystone property management and their response to any concerns that I have. Their maintenance management team Mr. Khan is it extremely prompt in all of his replies and follow-ups.

Maureen Wiltse, Graystone Property Management

I have worked with Graystone property management team to manage our apartment in Florida. It is a pleasure to work with Mohammed Faraz from tenant relations; he has provide excellent marketing services and promptly communicated updates till a suitable tenant is identified and the lease agreement is concluded. I am looking forward to working with all other Graystone team members.

Gopala Saripalli, Graystone Property Management

The process of renting the house through them has been very easy working with Muhammad has been a great experience.

John Ross, Graystone Property Management

Mohammed assisted us with the process and everything went smoothly.

Camillo gargano, Graystone Property Management

Great company, I’m glad Mohammed helped me so much. Thank you for believing in us.

melissa farris, Graystone Property Management

Abhi doing a great job for Graystone. Keep up the good work.

juwon juwon, Graystone Property Management

Highly recommended!! Very professional and friendly people , they help you fast and in a efficient way !! Great experience working with Abhi, He provide a 5 star service!

Jorge Diaz, Graystone Property Management

we could not be more grateful to have met the Graystone family, this property management company does an incredible job, we have had the pleasure of working together with JAY, SARA, ABHI, SALONI & WAJAHAT in different projects and the are very professionals, they always make sure that everything is on point and resident feels at home , highly recommended. Thank you.

Camilo Montero, Graystone Property Management

We purchased an investment property with Graystone and the team recently helped us rent out both units.

Overall, we recommend the quality of the service the property management team at Graystone provide. They are highly communicative and have the best interest to make the right decision for us as investors. So far, we feel that they are taking great care of the property and the tenants for us and we’re very grateful for the level of attention they have for us.

During the analysis phase, we were provided with the rehab and appraisal estimates that would make the deal work as BRRRR. However, the rehab costs ended up being higher and the appraisal came in significantly lower than we initially projected. Additionally, while the team did a great job renting both units out within 2 months, we dropped the rents quite a bit compared to the projection to get them rented out.

While these projections are never guaranteed, especially in today’s market, we recommend every investor to do their own due diligence on analysis no matter what company they decide to work with.

Thank you to the Graystone Property Management Team for taking great care of our property and tenants. We look forward to continuously working with you.

Shu Matsuo Post, Graystone Property Management

Saloni was great help with getting the work done quickly and effectively.

Bradley Orlow, Graystone Property Management

Friendly and professional team….very good at what they do. Go above and beyond to help with the task.. happy with the service.

Dipal Gandhi, Graystone Property Management

My name is Elizabeth and I hired Graystone to manage my rental property in March and was able to successfully move someone in in less than 2 months in an overly saturated renters market. One of the most obvious things that stood out when I reached out is that I never felt pressured or coerced to do something I wasn’t ready to do. Everyone on the team properly connected and introduced themselves ensuring all of my questions were addressed. Big thanks to Ankush who definitely always takes lead and control and is a great communicator. My tenant liaison Ayesha is also very nice to work with and gets things done. Jay the head manager is also really great and tells you what you need to know versus what you want to know which is important to make informed decisions. I appreciate each and every one of the management team members and look forward to continuing the business relationship for years to come.

luvchild1705, Graystone Property Management

So far, dealing with Graystone has been pleasant and easy. The communication with our Agent, Valentina has been quick and concise. She has been open and up front with us every step of the way while helping us get into our home.

Heather Q, Graystone Property Management

Very good service.

Leidys Mazon Ramos, Graystone Property Management

I would highly recommend Graystone Property Management . I have worked hands on with Abhi who is extremely professional. He was super and very helpful to fixed my issue.Thank you Abhi! I appreciated!

Songul Erdem, Graystone Property Management