Florida's Real Estate Appeal: Canadian Investors Converge in Tampa

Tampa, FL – October 14, 2023 – On a breezy evening at Tampa’s Bahama Breeze restaurant, the ambiance was charged with enthusiastic conversations about Florida’s burgeoning real estate opportunities. A delegation of fifteen astute investors from Canada, seeking to tap into Tampa’s property market, were in attendance.

The allure of Tampa for Canadian investors is multifaceted. Beyond its growing economic stature and attractive property prices, the city is rapidly becoming a nexus for technological innovation and commerce. When the benefits of Florida’s sun-soaked beaches and dynamic culture are added to the mix, Tampa emerges as a prime locale that promises both investment growth and an unparalleled living experience.

Jorge Vazquez, CEO of Graystone Investment Group, remarked on the heightened interest. “Our Canadian partners’ proactive approach towards exploring Tampa’s real estate horizon is a testament to the region’s unmatched potential.”

The conversations went deeper than just numbers and locations. Jay Michalec, COO of Graystone Investment Group, shed light on some of the motivating factors. “While our affordable rents are a major draw, the groundbreaking lending solutions we provide, such as the DSCR loan, become the clinching factor for many.”

Echoing this sentiment, Vanessa Martin, Director of LendingGIG, highlighted, “The overarching sentiment among the Canadian investors is the restrictive and costly nature of lending options back home. Here, they find both affordability and financial innovation.”

Michael Kernodle, the astute Brokerage Manager, gleaned invaluable insights from the investors. “Many expressed a desire to secure a stable future for their families, citing exorbitant property prices in Canada as a deterrent. Even those earning significant incomes find the prospect of securing a mortgage daunting,” shared Kernodle. “The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. They appreciate our ‘you invest, we do the rest’ approach. A particular investor poignantly remarked, ‘You guys are fortunate to live here.’ Their hunt is clear – they are on the lookout for the perfect team, transitioning from short-term to long-term rentals, with a keen interest in areas like Ybor, Pasco County, and the broader Tampa Bay.”

With the unwavering commitment of Graystone Investment Group’s team, these events don’t just provide networking opportunities but also lay the foundation for lasting business relationships and prosperous ventures.

About Graystone Investment Group:

Helmed by Jorge Vazquez (CEO) and Jay Michalec (COO), and bolstered by Vanessa Martin, Director of LendingGIG, Graystone Investment Group has cemented its position in Florida’s real estate arena, consistently introducing investors to unparalleled opportunities.

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