Seminole Property Off-Market Deal

Mohammed from Graystone property management is detail oriented person and on top of thing all the time Really appreciate his dedicated work for managing our properties in Wesley Chapel

Andrew Li, Graystone Property Management

We were moving back to Tampa from Naples for my company. What we thought was to good to be true ended very well and highly successful. Mohammed, Jay and Jorge were very professional throughout the process.

John Begani, Graystone Property Management

I had a decent experience with Graystone. Mohammed was very responsive and quick to answer questions. Was able to get my dream place thanks to him.

Kaylin Carel, Graystone Property Management

Mohammed Faraz is a great tenant relationship liaison and always keeps the owners updated on traction and potential applications and advice for clients to move forward- thanks for your support and patience with your clients

Michael Black, Graystone Property Management

Had to jump on here to say my experience with Graystone company was phenomenal. Jay specifically response time was the quickest in the business. Within 1 day of filling out the management agreement they were at the house taking pictures and marketing the home the very next day. EXTREMELY thorough…I would ask for Jay specifically because that’s who I am working with. They have a whole response team that takes care of everything. Do not take ANY first months rent and there is no termination fee if you choose to leave at any time (they are so confident in how great of a service they provide they don’t try to have any gimmicks to keep you tied with them) would recommend 1010

Hunter Zilbar, Graystone Property Management

Mohammed and Graystone has done a great job with the intake of my rental property. Mohammed is very responsive and professional.

ALEX SALAS, Graystone Property Management

“I was in “Awe!!” If you’re looking for a place to move in, then you should go with Gray stone Property Management!!”

Chaunta Mcgarrah, Graystone Property Management

I have had such a great experience working with Ayesha and Waz. The Graystone team is Awesome and connect with you, they never leave you hanging. They are always there no matter the day or time. I highly recommend them!! Thanks for everything you have you done for me. 

jamison cox, Graystone Property Management

Helping to get your credit good and purchase a home.

Glenn Bush Sr, Graystone Property Management

Communication is on point placements are very well kept.

GLOGLO3000, Graystone Property Management

I’m very happy to work with Graystone properties. Mohammed helped me a lot from starting to till ending. My property rent out with in a week. He did excellent job.

Srimanth Maddipatla, Graystone Property Management

I am very impressed with graystone property management and their response to any concerns that I have. Their maintenance management team Mr. Khan is it extremely prompt in all of his replies and follow-ups.

Maureen Wiltse, Graystone Property Management

I have worked with Greystone property management team to manage our apartment in Florida. It is a pleasure to work with Mohammed Shehzan Faraz from tenant relations; he has provide excellent marketing services and promptly communicated updates till a suitable tenant is identified and the lease agreement is concluded. I am looking forward to working with all other Greystone team members.

Gopala Saripalli, Graystone Property Management