★★★★★ As a full-time real estate investor based in Australia, my venture into the US real estate market was a meticulously thought-out decision. The primary lure was the disparity in rental yields between the two markets; while Australia offers a yield of around 7%, the US stands tall at approximately 14%.

Furthermore, the US market boasts abundant cash flow properties, a luxury scarce in Australia. My focus has always been on income-driven properties; the US offers precisely that.

The option of undertaking ‘fix and flips’ in the US provides a unique advantage, allowing for a short-term turnaround on investments. With the Federal Reserve maintaining inflation rates at a commendable 3.7%, my confidence in the US market only solidifies.

Another attraction is the opportunity for long-term ‘buy and hold’ investments, promising superior returns. However, navigating this foreign terrain would have been challenging without the right partners.

I soon made a trip to the US to meet Jorge and his adept team at Graystone. Their professionalism, combined with a profound understanding of investment strategies, left a lasting impression. Their diverse portfolio, showcasing collaborations with both local and international clients, was testimony to their expertise.

With several projects in the pipeline, I am eager to further my association with Jorge and his team, confident in their ability to guide me seamlessly through the processes.

In conclusion, Graystone has proven to be an invaluable asset in my US real estate ventures. Their promptness, expansive knowledge, and dedication are commendable. I wholeheartedly recommend Graystone to any potential investor looking to explore the US market. Their expertise is unmatched, and their partnership a genuine pleasure.”

~ Surinder Hothi