★★★★★ We purchased an investment property with Graystone, and the team recently helped us rent out both units. Overall, we recommend the quality of the service the property management team at Graystone provides. They are highly communicative and have the best interest to make the right decision for us as investors. So far, they are taking great care of the property and the tenants for us, and we’re very grateful for the level of attention they have for us. During the analysis phase, we were provided with the rehab and appraisal estimates that would make the deal work as BRRRR. However, the rehab costs were higher, and the appraisal was significantly lower than we initially projected.
Additionally, while the team did a great job renting both units out within two months, we dropped the rents quite a bit compared to the projection to get them rented out. While these projections are never guaranteed, especially in today’s market, we recommend every investor do their due diligence on analysis no matter what company they decide to work with. Thank you to the Graystone Property Management Team for caring for our property and tenants.
We look forward to continuously working with you.
~Shu Matsuo Post

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