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What Our Members Say

Chinese Investor

“Graystone helped me to invest and manage everything that needs to be done. The results have been extraordinary.”

J.C.: French / Hong Kong

“They helped me find the properties that met my needs … Everything went great! … Their responsiveness is perfect!”

Dan: Canada

“I’ve got one property through them in the St. Petersburg area, and I’ve had nothing but an incredible experience.”

Kasey: USA

“It’s been absolutely fantastic! The team is great, they’re always in communication. It’s been seamless … we just appreciate Greystone…”

Mr. Brooks: Canada

“They’re very honest to deal with, quick to respond, probably getting around the 20% return on my dollar.”

Levi: Mexico

“In the first 5-7 days we got 2 form offers. We took one of them, and then we closed within 2 weeks. It was amazing.”

Raj Kumar: Indian

“The level of professionalism, the commitment to clients, and the effort at making sure that the client gets the best is something that we should applaud for.”

Chris Yu: New York

“Jorge and team are very knowledgeable… Since I was new at this, they really helped me a lot… I appreciate the fact that they have the whole team in place, from Realtors, to construction and rehab teams, to property management and lenders.”

Jose Rodriguez

“When they say, actually, “You invest, we do the rest,” they really mean it… They acted very quickly…  Since I liked how they work … I am working now with a third deal with them.”