Real estate investors need a team of professionals to help whenever there is a problem. One Graystone investor discovered how important this is when he learned that Tampa was going to destroy one of his income properties while it was under renovation.

Graystone Investment Group COO, Rafael Castro, was on the scene in less than a half-hour after the investor called to help negotiate with the city. When he arrived, Castro found a bulldozer ready to destroy the property.

Graystone Saved the Day

Using Graystone’s connections, an engineer, general contractor, and public adjuster were on the scene in less than an hour. The team worked with the city to save the building from destruction. After the bulldozer and city officials were gone, the Graystone team stayed to help with the renovation.

This is just one example of what a knowledgeable, well connected, professional real estate team can do for its real estate investment clients. If you are a real estate investor or just thinking of investing in real estate, consider working with Graystone Investment Group.

Graystone Investment Group

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Video Transcript

Good afternoon everyone. This is Rafi with That’s Homes, the number four, Income dot com Graystone Investment. Remember, you invest, we do the rest. And when we say “we do the rest,” here is a perfect example today.

We had an emergency call from the city, “Hey, one of your properties is being torn down!”

When I say, “emergency,” I drove here, we were here like in 20 minutes. There was a bulldozer right there. You don’t see it now. Imagine it. Right there, waiting to completely just blaze (to proceed extremely rapidly) over this house.

But, with the right connections, with the right people and the right commitment from our vendors and our partners, we had an engineer here within less than an hour. We have a GC here, less than an hour. We had our public adjuster, less than an hour.

Guys, we even had pizza for them, because we were here at least three hours with the city, going at it back and forth. But guess what? We saved it!

Three hours ago, this house would have been gone. Okay?

Ah, and guess what? We saved it, thanks to our part. But it’s a testament. You have to have your own team. When you do real estate investing, you cannot just go by yourself. Okay, you need to make sure you have your team. You have a team of knowledgeable and committed people, because you can know someone, but we picked up the phone, guys, and there were some people making U-turns from where they were going back to this property to help. To help our investors.

So that’s the kind of team that you have to have. So, when you’re going through real estate investment, hopefully it’s Graystone; but if it’s not, make sure that you have that team of knowledgeable and committed people.

Two hours ago, gone! Now, we’re fixing it. And I am looking forward to showing you the actual final product within the next couple of months.

But again, the main thing is, make sure you have your team, knowledgeable and committed to your investment strategy. Okay?

So, man, we got like five videos out of, you know a full day, I was here at 10:30, right? It is four o’clock, and we’re leaving now. And the team is staying there to clean the property. So that’s the commitment that you get when you are with someone like Graystone.

So that’s it.

Remember, you can find us at That’s homes, the number four, cuatro, income dot com. And don’t forget that with Graystone Investment you invest; we do the rest. We actually do the rest. That’s what we do. Peace.