“Offer tons of options and go the extra mile.”

Below is a lightly edited transcript of a video from Graystone Investment Group’s official YouTube channel with Jorge Vasquez, CEO & Broker along with one of the company’s top agents, Osvaldo Gonzales.


Jorge: Hello, my name is Jorge Vasquez from Graystone Investment Group, and today I am excited to be here with one of our top agents, Osvaldo.

Osvaldo, can you introduce yourself and tell us how long have you been in the business and how many transactions have you completed?

Osvaldo: Yes, I’ve been in this industry for 22 years and have sold houses all over Tampa Bay. And right now, with the help of this crazy guy over here (pointing to Jorge), we are accomplishing a lot more.

Jorge: Awesome, today, I want us to talk about the daily challenges we have as agents. We know for sure that there will be several problems and obstacles that you will encounter along the way. Now, I want to ask you, particularly this year, what has been your most challenging transaction? Tell us the summary and what the issue was and how you overcame that.

Osvaldo: Yes, I dealt with a property recently that indeed challenged our capabilities as an agent.

To tell you honestly, it was a disaster, and we knew that it will not pass with the inspection since all of the aspects of the project; the seller’s contractor started each one of them and left them halfway. That’s what you are going to find with mediocre contractors. They will try to bring you down without any way out.

But thankfully, I was smart enough to find a way to break our contract with that contractor legally. We passed all inspections, did all renovations, did a beautiful job, and then we were able to sell the house in 1 week.

Jorge: Nice, that is a lot of work.

Osvaldo: They were actually trying to finish that project for one year and three months, but we finished it in 60 days and got it sold. It was a beautiful project, we learned a lot, and we really wanted to share it with people. And yes, you are right, it required a lot of work from us. In the end, I am glad it was a team effort among all Graystone Departments.

Jorge: I remember, if I am not mistaken, you went into the property and even painted it, right?

Osvaldo: Yes, that’s correct. Actually, I am not afraid to roll my sleeve. I’ve done it many times. I do whatever I need to do. In this case, Since I knew some of the work that needed to be done, I ended up having to do most of it, but it helped us because we didn’t face any issues with the inspection.

Jorge: What I am thinking, and what I am learning from what you are saying is that sometimes, you need to go above and beyond your job description, right? It might not be a part of your job, but it’s so rewarding afterward.

Osvaldo: Yes, absolutely. There are a lot of people who think of doing only one side of their job as a realtor, but in reality, each project will teach you to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Also, in addition to that, I believe that every listing and property that we have is our baby; that being said, we need to render extra care for it.

Jorge: I think the advice that you are giving now to the new agents is that your job does not stop with just one angle or perspective.

Osvaldo: That is right. The thing that a lot of people worry about first is the money, but actually, what you need to do is as follows;

  • Help people.
  • Be useful.
  • Offer solutions and do not be part of the problem.

From there, the money will naturally come. You will be able to close deals because people will see that you are helping and going the extra mile. Over time, you will forge deep friendships with your clients.

In those ways, you can build a better business, a better reputation, and get better reviews.

Jorge: Absolutely. What will you say to the agents who say that if they always go the extra mile and bear all the pain of the work, what will happen if the transaction fails, given the fact that you already allotted effort and time for it?

Osvaldo: It will be a win / lose situation. I have a lot of personal stories and experience as I been in the business for over two decades now, which has proven that going the extra mile helps in achieving success in the long run.

Jorge: I am a huge believer in karma that it will definitely come back to you. You are right, going that extra mile is indeed vital in the business. You need to do as much as possible for your client. If there is something you can physically do yourself, don’t waste time, go for it.

Osvaldo: Exactly, I will not sit there and wait. For instance, I will not call on Monday for a guy that will come on Wednesday and will just tell me that he will come back on Thursday, just for a mild repair that is needed. If I can do it myself, I will get it done right away.

Jorge: So if I hear you correctly, agents should go beyond what they are asked to do. Because obviously, the more value you give to the transaction, the more business you’re going to get eventually, right?

Osvaldo: Yes, that is correct; you also need to be different.

Jorge: That’s right. Do what you have to do, and do not waste time just waiting. This is your business, and this is your product. The moment the client signs, this thing is your product, it’s your baby as you have mentioned earlier.

Osvaldo: Yes, exactly.

Jorge: This video is to let the people know how I look up to you as a person who has so much wisdom, who always think of creative ways to make the deal happen. Every time I have a listing, I know that if I give it to you, you will definitely find a way to get the deal sold. And I believe that it is also the thing that most clients will prefer, seeing you go the extra mile will let them realize that “hey, this is the guy I should do business with.”

Osvaldo: Yes, openness to new learning is essential. There will be a lot of circumstances where you will find yourself trapped and you do not have any idea how to go out. But remember these things:

  • Find the best way to make it work
  • Be creative
  • Be able to offer more than the usual

Everybody has an excellent or pretty looking card, beautiful marketing and nice signature in their email, but you need to offer something unique that will make your job easier both for you and for the client.

Jorge: Exactly, so to summarize what you said, the thing you need to master is this; go the extra mile and do what you need to do for your product. Have a broom, bring some paint; if you need to paint it yourself and do other small details that are being overlooked, do it and do not wait. Small details greatly matter.

Osvaldo: Yes, I am not saying that you need to be a handyman or anything like that, but what I am trying to let you know is pay attention to details, and it will surely make a difference, it will speed things up. The client will know and see that you are there for them, and they will undoubtedly repeat business with you.

Jorge: That is right. And, lastly, keep this in mind; offer tons of ways and remember not to waste any time in going an extra mile. We are hoping that this conversation will help and allow many agents out there to take their business to the next level.