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Graystone Investment Group provides a turnkey real estate investing process to individual and institutional investors. You simply tell us your investment goals, and we’ll build and execute a real estate investment plan to reach your goals. When you’re ready to buy, our experts will take care of the entire acquisition process, including the ongoing management of your property assets. We’ll also provide you with the latest market intelligence to help you make informed decisions on buying, holding or selling. Our goals are to maximize your returns and protect your assets, while providing 100% transparency in the process.

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What Our Members Say

“Graystone helped me to invest and manage everything that needs to be done. The results have been extraordinary.”

“They helped me find the properties that met my needs … Everything went great! … Their responsiveness is perfect!”

“I’ve got one property through them in the St. Petersburg area, and I’ve had nothing but an incredible experience.”

“It’s been absolutely fantastic! The team is great, they’re always in communication. It’s been seamless … we just appreciate Greystone…”

“They’re very honest to deal with, quick to respond, probably getting around the 20% return on my dollar.”

“In the first 5-7 days we got 2 form offers. We took one of them, and then we closed within 2 weeks. It was amazing.”